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spasticbeauty's Journal

Spastic Beauty
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This community is owned and run by myself, engelsflugel. It is a dumping grounds for things I create. Here you might find anything from icons, banners, layouts, and even stories and scrapbook pages.

I made it a community because I frankly hate having to log out/in just to update my stuff, and this way I don't have to. You are more than welcome to join the community, but I am the only one with posting access (if I remember right).

Right now the community is viewable by members only. Join to see the goods.

View my Resources Post here.

Right now I am only taking free requests from my fo list. Every once in a while I will do a post offering to take free requests from anyone. I am however always open for 'paid' requests (I take extentions to my paid account, and icon space as payment). PM me for more information.

I don't really have many, and they aren't rules per se, they are actually just requests.
-Upload all images to your own server/account. While I'm not really worried about it, I don't want to exceed my bandwidth.
-Credit me, either in the comments (if it's an icon) or on your user info.
"Hard Rules" are as follows.
-Don't flame me. If you don't like what I make/write, then say it in a constructive manner. Being mean will only get you banned.
-Don't make requests at my personal journal. There will be entries that you can comment on to make requests.